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U.S. National Title Services

title & escrow


+ About Us

U.S. National Title Services works with attorneys, real estate developers, and national institutional real estate companies to provide a proactive and efficient transactional process for workflow and timely closings for commercial real estate transactions. 


Our experienced team is ready and able to handle whatever complex issues your transactions encounter. Alongside our partners at Stewart Title, we have the ability to respond quickly to time sensitive and complex underwriting issues and offer competitive transaction costs.

All underwriting and escrow transactions are directly written and issued with Stewart Title.


About Stewart Title

Established in 1863, Stewart Title is the third largest title company having 6,000 employees in a national and international network.  

About Us

Recent Transactions

Recent Transactions

  • Loan policy for new construction of Office Building, Chicago, IL, Value $291,000,000 

  • Loan policy for new construction of Luxury Apartments in Atlanta, GA, Value $206,958,172

  • Loan Policy for Chicago office project development in Chicago, IL, Value $284,000,000

  • Purchase/Sale of 57- Self-storage multi-site facilities in seven states, Value $350,000,000

  • Purchase/Sale of Premiere Office Building in Dallas, TX, Value $65,000,000

  • Loan Policy for new construction development in Bozeman, MT, Value $100,345,000

  • Purchase/Sale of Two Mixed-Use buildings in Seattle, WA, Value $700,000,000

  • Reinsurance participation for multi-location Southwest residential developments, Value $725,000,000 

  • Purchase/Sale of office building in San Francisco, CA, Value $325,000,000

  • Purchase/Sale of office building in Boston, MA, Value $441,000,000

  • Construction loan for Entertainment complex in Portsmouth, VA, Value $365,000,000

  • Purchase/Sale of office building in Denver, CO, Value $245,000,000.00

  • Purchase/Sale of Luxury Apartments in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, Value $227,000,000



+ What We Do

Our Capabilities

U.S. National Title Services specializes in managing high-profile commercial real estate transactions in nationwide and international and institutional markets.

Our Chicago national office has autonomy in most cases therefore avoiding unnecessary delays in home office approval for transactional needs.

Our dedicated team of title and escrow specialists brings a wealth of knowledge to every transaction, and has the flexibility to expedite the underwriting processes to complete your transactions in working with different parties' interests.

Construction Escrow

Commercial Transactions

Title Insurance

Regulatory & Tax Provisions

Multi-State Transactions

Title and Due Diligence

Like-Kind Exchange


Municipal Tax Computations

Manuscript Policies

+ Our Approach

A Relationship Experience

We work with our clients to develop direct relationships which expedites the underwriting process based on these trusted relationships; which is why we develop custom solutions molded to address your specific goals. Every project's strategies are shaped to our clients' needs.

Tailored Service

U.S. National provides you with a single point of contact to manage your transactions. We have the ability to handle all of your nationwide transactions from our Chicago office. We collaborate closely with you as part of your "team", and work to supply accepted underwriting negotiations and approvals. 

Flexible Thinking

Commercial transactions can involve multiple parties of interest and can be in conflict. Our veteran team has the expertise needed to deal with conflicts that arise between parties and the ability to expedite conflicts in documentations, as well as manuscript different document requirements.

Discerning & Detailed

We uniquely have the expertise of handling both the underwriting and escrow that provides a more effective and efficient transaction. We maintain the highest standards of accuracy and accountability, and ensure your closing is handled with skill and precision.

Our Team

Our Team

Every member of our team comes to us with at least 15 years of experience in the world of commercial real estate. We are dedicated to serving our clients through the creation of strong partnerships based on trust through relationships, and delivering exceptional client experiences.

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+ Why We Are Different

Unique Underwriting Solutions

We are able to respond to time-sensitive and underwriting challenges. We are at our best when other title sources have a delay or get stuck on underwriting issues.


We work hand in hand with you to mitigate challenges, find competitive advantages, and simplify the underwriting process. We provide unique underwriting solutions which allows our clients to move through the title process timely and efficiently. 



Years of Experience


Partners Served


Deals Made


Client Satisfaction

From contract to closing, we help our clients maximize opportunity. Driven and determined, we work as one team to see that your transaction is completed in an efficient underwriting and cost parameters. 

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